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Get a quote on building a website or e commerce shop.
  • Conventional media not working?
  • haven't got a website?
  • have a website but it cannot be found by the search engines?
  • need a new feature on your existing site?
  • just want to get a ball park quote before investigating online marketing
  • new business that needs a brand or logo, website and other related services

the internet, .. it's here, it's mainstream, it's the place where most people find products and services, make decisions on suppliers and buy

to succeed in this space you need a website that is ranked on the first page listing on the search engines for 2 types of potential clients:

  1. people who know your business name through a recommendation or other media
  2. people who are searching for specific products or services using keywords and phrases

this is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we are good at this.

assuming they find your site the battle isn't over. Your site needs to be inviting, informative and most importantly easy to navigate, and yes we are good at this too.

So take the first step, fill in this form or get in touch, for a face to face meeting (our preference) we are here to help.

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Get an estimate on a e - commerce website